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Our prices


The price for a taxi-fare Mijn-Taxi is always lower.  How is that possible ?

1. With Mijn-Taxi the prices for  time and distance are less than usual in the region.

2.  With Mijn-Taxi the trip costs less, because Mijn-Taxi doesn’t charge you the extra time or distance caused by congestion or in case of a alternative route to avoid traffic.

3.  Between 09:00 hour and 16:00 hour Mijn-Taxi gives you a ’off-peak hours’ discount.

4. When give Mijn-Taxi a margin of - or + 15 minutes before or after the pick-uptime wanted we give you an extra discount for as a ’thank you’ for your flexibility.

Mijn-Taxi is unique in the Netherlands:
When you make your reservation the price for your journey is calculated (fully automated) directly . 
And that price stays the same so know what to expect.

Please check our "Special offers" for our fixed low prices from end to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.