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Mijn-Taxi.nl gives you 5 reasons to call us when you need a taxi:

1. Qualified professionals
Mijn-Taxi only employs highly-trained and certified drivers. Our drivers know the best and fastest way to get you to your destination.

Mijn-Taxi = a safe ride.

2. Customer service
You’re our guest at Mijn-Taxi. We know polite and friendly customer service will keep you as our customer.

Mijn-Taxi = a friendly taxi company

3. Fixed prices
Mijn-Taxi lets you know how much your ride will cost before you make your reservation. Alternative routes due to traffic and congestion are at no extra cost to you after payment. Mijn-Taxi will make sure you have no unpleasant surprises on the way to your destination. Payment can be in online when you make your reservation, or cash, PIN or credit card when we pick you up.

Mijn-Taxi = good value.

4. Comfortable
Mijn-Taxi only owns clean, comfortable, solid taxi’s with perfect maintenance records. Mijn-Taxi uses Mercedes, Volvo and Audi taxi’s.

Mijn-Taxi = a comfortable and secure ride.

5. More advantages using Mijn-Taxi
All our rides are monitored from our control room to ensure your trip is safe.

Mijn-Taxi = a modern taxi company.